Saturday, February 13, 2016

When it's right!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday!  I'm celebrating doing a whole lot of not much this weekend.  Yesterday was my 53rd birthday and when you get to be my age a birthday isn't really much different than any other day of the week LOL.  What was great about it is I had a wonderful day at work with my coworkers.  They were incredibly thoughtful with Sally's and Ulta gift cards as well as a gift card to Olive Garden. Last night I went out with my family to Cheddars and as always we had a blast.  Today my son is taking me to see Deadpool and then out for Chinese food.  Don't anyone tell him I'm not really a comic book movie kind of person--I don't even know how the heck Deadpool is but it will be a great time to just get time with him so I'm all in.

A couple of weeks ago I asked my friend Pam from Paintbox Polish if she could do an Elvis inspired mani for me.  I was trying to go for the iconic looks of his gold lame' suit as well as his black leather from his 69 comeback special.  I asked Pam if she could do a black matte with micro gold glitter and she totally nailed it!  When I got my bottle of it I was so freaking happy!  It's just perfect and you know when it's right---it's right.

So for my birthday I decided to wear it when one of the images I just love from the new Girly Bits GBC 1-01 plate.  I think it's the most unique image I've ever seen on a plate.  It's a star made up of musical notes!  Honestly this is the best birthday mani ever!  Check it out!
Here's the polish you have to excuse the faded label I held this sucker in my hands so much and took it everywhere I went for a good 3 days before I put it on LOL!
It's named Edge Of Reality after my favorite Elvis song which just happens to be from my favorite Elvis movie Live A Litte, Love A Little
How cool is this mani???? It's matte but sparkly as hell!
Don't you use love this image from Girly Bits GBC 1-01 plate???

Not familiar with the suits of Elvis' I am talking about here there are
Oh yeah baby check out this all gold hunk!!!
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this hunk o burnin' love in his black leather either!

I think the polish Pam made nailed these two looks perfectly!
100% rockstar mani today for sure!
I've put this little collage together and yep just what I wanted!
I'm not really feeling very Valentine's Day so I think I'm going to keep on my  Edge Of Reality and put on shiny topcoat and then see what stamping I feel like over it.  Nothing better than lazing around and doing an extend a mani!

What do you think?  Do you think this is a perfect Elvis inspired polish??  I have 3 in my collection now--2 from Red Dog Designs and this one from Paintbox polish--honestly the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a great day!

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