Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Nail Heroes--Louboutin Leopard Print!

Hi Everyone!  I'm continuing on with the nail heroes theme this week and I've combined a couple.  I've paired a kick ass leopard print mani with Louboutin Rouge.  This is hero mani two fold, one who doesn't love animal print??? And two the bottle alone of Louboutin Rouge is kick ass! So today I give you Nail Heroes Louboutin Leopard print
This is a HUGE bottle!
This pic was hard because it's not an easy bottle to hold and then take pics LOL
But check out that sexy red and black gradient on the bottle! KICK ASS!
I'm surprised the red looks good on me because it leans warm and I'm more of a cool red than warm
But it's like the perfect red!  I think it looks good on everyone!
My accent nails base is Paintbox Polish Poppin Bottles which is super sparkly and perfect for my leopard print
I did free hand for my spots and I just do not think I'm at good with the dotting tool as I've seen so many others nail but it is pretty cool
I think if I could only wear one design every day for the rest of my life it would be leopard print!

Yesterday we all paid a surprise homage to Debbie to kick off our Nail Heroes week let's check out what or who everyone did for today!


  1. I love that you painted the leopard print over the glitter-y base!

  2. Cool leopard print! Color combination is gorgeous!