Monday, May 12, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Decades--The 90's!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday!  Today is the start of fabulous week!  The Digit-al Dozen is taking on Decades this week.  I'm starting off the week with the 90's. Technology in the 90's helped paved the way for technology today.  And without it computers, blogging, facebook, smart phones and social media wouldn't be what it is today.

Technology in the 90's gave us the introduction of The World Wide Wide and HTML.
Microsoft introduced Windows 95 as well as Windows 98 and both were amazing!
Email really takes off and Microsoft acquires
Web browsers are created to make surfing the web more user friendly
Digital cameras become available to consumers and become more and more affordable.
The first MP3 player is introduced
Netflix is launched and offers DVD's mailed directly to your home.
The first HDTV broadcast occurs
DVRs are released for the first time.

All of these great things happened in the 90's and by the looks of things they keep getting better and better.

In homage to the great 90's I'm proudly displaying my 90's mani!
I had some help from The Nail Junkie's Apple to create this awesome circuit board 
I used Bundle Monster BM415 and just added some gold to make this look totally realistic

We've definitely come a long way and we are able to fit more and more into this like cameras, computers and phones--all thanks to the fabulous 90's!

Let's stop by and see how everyone else is starting off their Decades week!


  1. I love these! I had a pair of circuit board earrings once - they'd be the perfect match!

  2. Ohhh, the day of the computer...I remember surfing back with phone lines....and it too 5 minutes from site to site!

  3. Oh technology, how could I forget that one! Love this, it's so intricate :)

  4. I love these! The gold really makes it look so realistic! I remember playing on our computer that had to be booted up off of those big floppy discs!

  5. Love this look! I work at a software company and one of our conference rooms has a similar design painted on the wall.

  6. Wow The Nail Junkie's Apple is the PERFECT base color for this manicure!! Also enjoyed the little history lesson - I had forgotten that Netflix was that old!