Friday, May 16, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Decades-The 50's!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Friday!  Today marks the end of our decades week.  Very  interesting how several of us picked the same decade more than once!  I knew the second I saw decades I was doing an Elvis mani.  I mean really I HAD to.  Elvis is someone I've loved through many a decade.  In fact I have been an Elvis fan for 5 decades! Woot!  That's a long time, and it will continue because I will be a fan until I draw my last breath.

Today is all about The King!  Since I've done a few Elvis mani's I really wasn't sure what I want to do this time.  I did some Google searching and found a picture of him from Jailhouse Rock so I recreated it

Here's the picture I found
He was notorious for going up on his toes to dance!  And of course had the extra hip swivel in there too!
Here's a pic of my mani with the inspiration 
I think it turned out great!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing decades week.  I had fun doing it and I think everyone did a great job!

Let's stop over and see what everyone else came up with for the last day of Decades!


  1. What would this week be without an Elvis mani from you :)

  2. Ah! Here he is! These are so awesome and so totally you! Fabulous job!

  3. Awesome! Of course, we'd see an Elvis manicure from you! :D

  4. Woo! I love this manicure!! Love the inspiration image and the perfect execution of it on your middle nail :)

  5. Rocking mani! I've been waiting for Elvis from you all week! I didn't even realize I did the same decade twice until after I had already posted it lol.