Friday, May 2, 2014

It's not Pointless Cafe to extend your mani!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Friday!!! Today I am showcasing something I've learned from the lovely and fabulous Sheila of Pointless Cafe.  She often does extend a mani's and I always think "wow that is such a great idea!"  Most of you I don't really wear just nail polish as I love to stamp over my nails, but sometimes when I don't have time I'll just toss on a glitter topper over a gradient or color and go merrily on my way.  Two nights ago was one of those nights.  I did and orange and pink gradient and topped it with the lovely Plumeria from Elevation Polish.  This is how it looked all day yesterday
I thought it was cute and I got a lot of compliments on it.  Many of my coworkers thought I put a bunch of dots on my nails!  AS IF!  That's what the awesome Elevation Plumeria is for LOL!
Jump ahead to the next night when I got home even later than the night before and cringed at the thought of removing glitter no matter how lovely.

Instead of taking it off I decided to try to stamp over it.  I knew I was going to need a reverse image of some sort so I poured through my plates aka looked at the ones closest to me on the table and it was my Messy Mansions and BAM! A star was born!
I love how this turned out!  Stamping over the Plumeria was a great idea
And as you can see Plumeria looks a lot like little dots!
To be honest at first I thought the black would over power this mani, but I don't think it did at all!  This is the fantastic MM20
It's still quite colorful!
In fact after I had done this it really reminded me of a kick ass mani I had seen the fab Wacky Laki do with a Messy Mansion plate awhile ago.  Check hers out HERE and let me know what you think?!  Different but sort of the same!

I actually love reverse image stamping and wish there were more plates with reverse images. I would actually love to have an entire plate full of just reverse images!

I'm really excited to wear this to work today and see what everyone thinks.  I wonder if they'll realize it's the same polish just with stamping over it?  What do you think do you like the before or after better?

Anyone got any great plans for the weekend?  I'm hoping to finish up season 3 of Game Of Thrones and possibly get to the new Spiderman movie.  Saturday it's suppose to rain and be cruddy but not on Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. So cool! I love reverse images, too. I feel like extended manis really stretch our creativity, and I enjoy that extra challenge :p

  2. That is a *fantastic* idea! I always forget to do that when I'm tired of a mani. I absolutely love how yours turned out :D xx