Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does Fashion--Nasty Girl

Hi Everyone!  I must say I am having a blast with Fashion Week!  Go figure!  I was really dreading it but it's turning out pretty great.  Today I have a gradient inspired by a dress worn by the Nasty Girl herself--MS Janet Jackson

First up here she is
And now for my gradient
I used OPI All Shook Up, Sinful Colors Sugar n Spice, Sinful Colors Fig and Illamasqua Baptiste
I thought about adding a black stripe to make the belt BUT I'm just not good enough to draw a straight black line

And here we all are together!

So far I'm on a roll!  Wonder what I'll come up with tomorrow?!

Let's see what the rest of my friends came up with


  1. One of the best gradients I have ever seen! Beautiful! :)

  2. Lovely - I had a dress in these shades in the 80's - Janet's vintage - you need to add a option to follow via email for folks...I don't do FB at all and never ever get to Google Friends or whatever they have now left after Reader went.

  3. Really beautiful and well executed gradient... I am sure that now Janet Jackson is envying you: ok, she has the dress but she will never can do a similar mani! ;-)

  4. Fabulous gradient but I think you forgot a boob popping out!