Saturday, August 31, 2013

Havin' A Ball!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Labor Day Weekend!!! Woot!!!  Today I'm driving down to Illinois to meet up with some nail polish friends!!  I'm pretty excited!  It's always great to be able to meet in person those people you are in a group with.  My friend Danielle was sweet enough to open her home up for the weekend and a few of us nail polish crazy gals are meeting up and hanging out!  It's not even a far drive for me so you can't go wrong with that!

I've got a super fun mani to show off today too!  Red Dog Designs launched this new polish recently and since I love Gina's stuff so much I knew I had to have it!  This is Red Dog Designs Ball Pit over Zoya Wednesday

Look at all dem BALLZ!!!!!!
How fun is this polish??!!!!
As you can see this polish is full of various sizes of ball glitter in different colors--some of them even holographic!
There's also some sweet micro holo glitter in there to give it that fairy dust like shine!
This would look great over any polish I think
Here's a couple pics with flash too
Probably a more Zoya Wednesday accurate coloring
This is just a super fun polish!
As with any large glitter polish you may have to work a smidge harder to get the bigger balls out of the bottle--no biggie--just use the scoop method with you brush.  I have very curved nails and didn't have a single issue with getting any of the large glitters to lay flat on my nails either!

I'm trying to talk Gina into an all square glitter polish just so she can name it It's Hip 2B Square!!! LOL!

I definitely plan on getting my nails did down in Illinois with my polish pals and I'll try to get some good pics too!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

September has a lot of way cool things happening in The Digit-al Dozen group so stay tuned for that as well!!!!


  1. OMG I LOVE THIS!!! This manicure is so awesome, I love the combinations of those polishes! :D