Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ANOTHER great gradient!

Hi Everyone!! On the heels of my tragic break I'm just plugging along.  I decided to console myself with a gradient and what could be more beautiful than a Pixie Dust gradient???!!! Whoop!!! All Zoya All The Time! LOL!  This is the very love Zoya Miranda, Arabella and Carter--TO DIE FOR GORGEY TOWN!
Ooooohh Ahhhhhhhhhh!
I cannot believe how much I love the textured polishes!  Zoya Pixie Dusts are just incredible!
Of course I didn't leave well enough alone and I stamped over it!!!  Accent nails here I come!
Since my nails are shorter I'm able to use the PUEEN set I got.  I used plates PUEEN22 and PUEEN25 for my accent nails.
I love how you can stamp on textured's too!  ALOT easier than stamping over huge chunky glitters!
I think my new shorter nails are loving this design!
I'm definitely going to use my swear image for Christmas!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!


  1. Hellz to the yeah!!! I LOVE Pixie Dusts but I've never done a gradient with them!!! Time to change that I see :))

  2. hot stuff!!! i think textured polishes were MADE for gradients. they blend so perfectly every single time, dont they?