Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pretty, pretty peacock

Hi Everyone!  Almost Friday!!! Woot!!!  I don't have any plans at all for the weekend, nothing going on at all!  I'm hoping to spend some time with my mom and maybe work on some new fleece items for the chinchilla cages.  How about everyone else?

I don't seem to be reeling anymore from the loss of my longer nails.  In fact, and I know I say this every time, I'm really digging this length on them.  Maybe I'll keep them shorter like this--I say that every time too but keep growing them out LOL!

Today I'm featuring an all Kleancolor metallic gradient--Metallic Green, Aqua and Sapphire and I'm wearing a design from one of the new Messy Mansion plates--plate MM14.  I really love the Messy Mansion plates, Julia comes up with some great ideas and they always stamp great!

I sometimes forget to wear my Kleancolor metallics!  They are so lovely!
The full peacock feather image on MM14 is just perfect for this gradient!
If you haven't heard of Messy Mansion yet you NEED to check out her awesome plates!  You can find the shop HERE.  I'm getting a couple more within the next few weeks, she has a Dragon one coming out!!!! EEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!!