Sunday, August 25, 2013

Did someone say nude????!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!! Today's theme for the Adventures In Stamping Sunday Challenge is over a nude base.  Yikes!  Nude is like the kiss of death for me.  I'm definitely not a nude fan at all UNLESS it's in the form of a hot cowboy--then I'm all about the nude!

I try to do every Sunday challenge so I didn't want to let it beat me.  I grabbed my Zoya Farah which is a really very lovely beige creme and decided to try the nail decal method for the first time.  I chose a couple images from my DRK-A plate and then used China Glaze Astro Hot, Take A Trek and Infra-Red
The result is pretty.  It has some nice color but at the same time seems quite subtle
I learned about the nail decal technique via Messy Mansion, basically you stamp your image onto your stamper--they say it's best to use a squishy type stamper but I've also seen results on the Konad hard stamper.  You color you design in with polish and then apply a nice generous clear--don't use quick drying clear.  Wait a few minutes, I waited about 20 minutes and then you peel the design off and apply it to your nail.  My nails were dry.  I simply smoothed the image out and then applied my Seche Vite to it
The result is a lined in white design with multi colors--something you can't really do with straight on color stamping.  While it takes longer and is a bit more detailed than just stamping, it still wasn't hard to do at all

Here's the LINK if you'd like to check it our for yourself.

It's a super pretty day out today!  I'm thinking about taking a walk around the zoo!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Oooh, thanks for the tip on not using a quick dry clear. I missed that part, and the first time I made decals the clear part was foggy and hard, and I couldn't get it to stick to my nail at all. Yup, I used seche, lol. Just any old clear works ok?

    1. I used Seche Clear for mine. I like it because it's nice a thick but it's not a fast dry clear!

  2. Beautiful! And thank you for sharing the link.... this technique seems really interesting... ^___^

    1. Ehm.... I checked the link and I discovered that I knew it already! Ok it is better if I go to bed... ;-)

      Btw.... tnx anyway for sharing: your nail art is really well realized!

    2. I hope you try it! It's a really cool way to get more out of stamping!

  3. Hey,
    beautiful design! :)