Saturday, March 23, 2013

When less is more!

Hi Everyone!!!  Happy Saturday!  I have a lesson in when less is more to show to you today.  I hear alot of time from many people who great my mani's are and how every one I do is fabulous, but the truth is far from that.  I promised myself when I first started that I would show all my mani's the good the bad and the ugly.  Today is a lesson in that and how you can sometimes can back from the brink.

My MSMD mani on Monday was a green magnetic so I decided to do another magnetic and went with a blue gradient.  I love gradienting with magnets.  This is what it looked like.
Looks pretty great!
Just the way I wanted it too so then I stamped over yet using DRK-A just the way I wanted too
Oh oh!! This is not what I visioned!
I feel like the gradient is covered up too much.

Here's the before and after
Okay so how can I save this? I know I'll put some OPI DS Sapphire over it and holo it up a bit
OMG now it's worse! completely gone is my gorgeous gradient!  Let this be a lesson to any and all of you who swear holo is the be all end all--it isn't.  
I pretty much wanted to cry at the point.  I hated this mani and I HAD to go to bed.  I knew it would bother me something fierce all day the next day though if I didn't try to save it somehow.  

I hauled out my Cheeky XL D and gave it a go
Now this is MUCH better in my opinion!  Gone is my gorgeous gradient but this mani now has alot more depth
This mani is definitely one I can live with!

Here's the side by side 
The downside to this debacle is the fact I have 3 coats of a magnetic, one coat of white stamping, one coat of holographic polish one coat of black stamping and 3 yes you heard me 3 coats seche vite!!!! This mani is going to be indestructible!!!!

Here they all are together from good to bad to horrible to passable

Less can be more just remember that!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I think they all look good XD

  2. Haha, what a journey! :D I think you did well when you did the last stamping, I like that!