Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On fish two fish, red fish . . . rainbow fish!

Hi Everyone!!  I had really had time trying to figure out what mani to do for today.  Last night I was toying with a few color combinations ideas.  I knew I wanted to do a half moon mani but couldn't decide on Muse and DV8, Casino Royale and Purple Illusion or Vampire State Building and Ozotic 621.  I decided to go with Muse, For Audrey and DV8.  It turned out really great even if the DV8 isn't super holo

I love doing these gradient half moon mani's!
And while this looks pretty awesome all on it's own
You know I had to stamp a little something on here!
Yep I did a couple of rainbow fish using China Glaze It's My Turn, DV8 and 2Nite
I used the fish image from SH19 and even did the reverse image stamping so I could get some kissing fish!

I'll tell you this though, one little accent nail with Illamasqua Muse on it, is really not good enough for me.  I have been wanting this FOREVER and was lucky enough to have my friend Gina snag it for me.  Muse will definitely be in my future!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Love this! And the kissing fish are cute :)

    1. Thanks Kas! I think they added a nice touch!

  2. This looks fantastic!!! :D

  3. These are absolutely amazing!
    love the gradient (SO well done!) and the half moon just adds it even more beauty! love this look!