Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hearts n Glitter!

Morning Everyone!! Happy Saturday!  I was mia yesterday because I spent some time with my mom who had to have some day surgery.  My poor mom is one of those people with kidney stones.  She had to have them "blasted" to break them up.  This is the 4th time she's had to have this done in her life.  I finally asked her this last time, "mom why does this always happen to you?" and she said, "you are either a person who makes stones or you aren't"  Geeze I guess I'm glad I'm a non stone maker!

She is doing great though, not too much bruising and just a little discomfort.  I'm going to go over there today and hang out with her and watch some movies and eat some ice cream!  The woman is an ice cream hoarder I swear! She has Dove bars in there from this summer that haven't been eaten lol!

Today I have Pink Clockwork on over black!  Oooooh it's SO hot over black!  I used Revlon Black Pearl because I love that's it's a soft black and not a hard one.  I added some cute Pure Ice Crackle hearts to it as well.
I don't even feel bad for wearing hearts in March because these crackle hearts are so cool!
I think Pink Clockwork is awesome over black!
Glitters this cool are always worth the removal lol!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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