Friday, March 8, 2013

Celtic Knots

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday!  OMG I am so happy it's Friday.  I have a lot of housework I feel just needs to get done this week.  The bathroom floor needs scrubbing and mopping, the kitchen floor sure could use it as well, and I have a lot of nail polish that needs to get mailed out!  I bought a few of the Sinful Sugar Rush and Almost Famous sets for friends who don't have a Walgreens lol!  So I'm looking forward to finally having the time to get these things done!

I'm also planning my St Patrick's Day meal for next week!  I am the corned beef queen and have been making a corned beef meal for my family on St Patrick's Day for years.  My son and I always vow we will finally have leftovers to make a reuben sandwich but we never do!  The bakery has rye bread with sauerkraut baked right in it so this year we shook on making sure to make a roast and use it only for sandwiches because we want to try the bread LOL!

Getting in the spirit of more green and St Patrick's Day I went with some celtic knots today.
I pulled out the lovely Zoya Suvi for this and did my accent with my franken Rigger
Rigger is a scattered dark green holo I made and I just love it!
I stamped using both DRK-A and Cheeky XL D
I have to say though I'm slightly disappointed in Maybelline Bold Gold, it doesn't stamp as good as China Glaze Passion does!

Still even though some of my knot's are bit "weathered" I think this is darn lovely!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a great weekend!