Monday, May 9, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Whimsy--If Your Friends Jumped Off A Bridge AKA Mermaid!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday!  I am dying tonight because I've had the chance to see what so  many of my fellow Digit-al Dozeners have done today.  I was going to post my mermaid mani on Friday but then when I saw so many of us do mermaid today I HAD to change my line up LOL.  I mean come on Whimsy--what the freaking french is whimsy for cry loud?  It was definitely not my choice.  I'm not very whimsical nor am I a cutesy cutesy kind of gal but I knew for certain mermaids were whimsical so it was the first mani I'd done in preparation for this week LOL

Mine isn't really as spectacular as everyone else's mainly because I just wanted my polish to shine through I guess okay and the fact I can't find where I put my shells or pearls after the move ahaha.

So to answer the age old question "if your friends jumped off of a bridge would you too?" and I guess my answer is yes because here's my mermaid mani

My base is the standard Zoya Charla and I topped with with a little Sally Girl I found ages ago for some extra sparkle
Honest to god I could wear a mermaid mani every single day

I used BP-L003 for stamping and really love this type of mermaid scale look
My nails are SOOOOO long right now but I'd be crazy to file them down during a DD week!
I know this week is going to be very challenging for me but I came up with a cute idea during a fail I had so let's hope we see this cute idea as a success later on in the week!