Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Whimsy--Cupcakes Part Deux

Hi Everyone!  I'm trying to get in some double duty today by recreating a super super super old mani I did during Bundle Monster's very first contest as well as Whimsy for Digit-al  Dozen week.  Whimsy is hard for me.  I not whimsical, I'm not cutesy but alas no one wants to do a spike week in the DD.  So I did some cute cupcakes today hoping they could also be whimsical.  Only you can be judge of that, trust me

I don't know if this screams Whimsy but it does say cute

My base is Sonoma Nail Art Tallulah and I stamped with Bundle Monster BM-014
I guess no matter how old you are cupcakes will always be cute
Way back when I entered the first Bundle Monster contest with a mani I called Cassie's Cupcakes.  I was one of the lucky winners and got their 2nd set of plates free.  That was a zillion years ago and here I am still stamping to this day!  This is the mani from that contest
Look at how short and stubby my nails were! Oh My Lanta!

Here's a side by side of then and now I prefer my nails long but I know they are not everyone's cup of tea
I could have added some teeny rhinestones to the current mani except after the move I'm not sure where they are LOL

Lots of cute stuff so far this week.  My fave to date has been Cathy aka More Nail Polish's cute little fluffy guys they were adorable!