Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Alter Ego Royal Prisoner Of Love has captured my heart!

Hi Everyone!  Have you ever known about the best kept secret?  That's how I feel about Alter Ego Nail Lacquer and body care products.  They are really awesome as is the customer service but for some reason people just don't hear much about them.  Awhile ago I was asked if I would review some nail polishes and body care items and I said "HELL YES!"  I've purchased several things in the past and have love everything I've gotten so I was very excited to review for them.  I received 3 nail polishes and some face and body cream.  The polish I'm reviewing for you today is called Royal Prisoner Of Love and it is SO DANG PRETTY!  Seriously!  It is a gorgeous polish.  It's the most unusual shade sort of purple periwinkle thing.  It also seems to have almost a holographic frost like finish if there is such a thing in the shade.  It's just so amazing!

I love the bottles the shape is very unique
Isn't this color just awesome?!  Can you see what I mean about the frost look?
Right at my tips is a frost look you get in the shade I think it's really cool
Like this flash of pearlescent.  I just adore it!
Cynthia, the owner, changed her formula to which I'm most grateful.  Sometimes indie polishes are a little too thick for me and I find myself having to thin them often.  But her new formula is fantastic and I had zero issues with application.  I am wearing two coats with Seche Vite top coat and the holo has not trouble coming out to play in the sunlight

I stamped over this beauty after I wore it for 3 days and as you can see there is also zero tip wear for me (but I am usually quite lucky with that)
Sadly I had to use my indoor lighting for this as It was night time and I still think my bulbs are too bright but this is still such a pretty color
My stamping is a bit lacklustre--my roses sort of blending in rather than standing out but overall this was  a lovely mani I wore for an entire week!
What do you think?  Isn't this just a gorgeous color?

If you haven't ever heard of Alter Ego you need to check out her stuff!  Seriously she is the best kept secret in the nail community in my humble opinion.  Cynthia is a wonderful person with a heart of a gold and I'm happy to support such a great person turning out such great products.  Here's the link to her STORE  Don't let the Wisconsoap name fool you, you'll find Alter Ego Nail Lacquer there along with her great soaps, perfumes and body care items.  And she's got stuff for the guys and gals!


  1. This is such a stunning polish!

  2. How remiss am I that I am just seeing this?! Please forgive me! Your manis and photos are absolutely stunning, thank you for your hard work! We are thrilled you like the new formula!