Saturday, May 28, 2016

On behalf of a grateful Nation

My thoughts are always somber on Memorial Day.  Men and women who I did not know and who did not know me gave up their lives so that I might continue to live in a free country.  We say we celebrate this day but do you really celebrate a day dedicated to the men and women who died in active duty during war?  Should you celebrate a day such as this? I am honored and humbled and grateful.  Today I show my appreciation in a way I know I can expressing it through my nail art
My red is not true in this picture as I always have trouble capturing red with my camera. My non accent nails are painted with Louboutin Rouge. My accent nails are done with sharpies and black Mundo for the stamping
I used mostly MM38 for the stamping but also pulled pieces of tips off of trees on BP-L011 as well as MM38.  It was a labor of love LOL

I found a picture online and that's what inspired me to do this mani.  I love the unconventional look to this very patriotic mani.  
To those of you who lost a loved one while serving for the United States of America my heart is with you today.  I am sorry for your loss, I am grateful for the sacrifice and I will never forget.

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