Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Fandom--Drogon Game Of Thrones!

Hi Everyone! Happy Wednesday!  The week is halfway through! Woot how exciting!  I don't have too much planned for the weekend, hopefully a nail meet up with some of my friends on Sunday and Saturday I'm getting new front brakes and rotors--isn't it fun being an adult?! LOL!

Today I am showing off my dragon mani.  More importantly my Drogon from Game Of Thrones mani.  I really am enjoying the television series and I think it's because I have not read the books!  That's right I think I'm doing it the right way by watching just the tv show.  This way I have no idea what's coming.  I don't sit back and say "that's not what happened in the books" and because I have read them yet I have absolutely no preconceived notions about what someone looks like and whether or not they match up to how their TV counterpart looks. 

So how do I feel about the Game Of Thrones?  Hmmm I've decided I seem to like everyone no one else likes!  I really really really feel for Ser Jorah, I find myself fascinated with Petyr Baylish, for some reason even Ramsay Bolton excites me from time to time.  Arya is DRIVING ME NUTS! Omg can her life/story being anymore boring right now?  And she is bratty as hell and totally unappreciative which reminds me I also loved The Hound!  Everyone who says this to Jon Snow--"You know nothing" is absolutely right dude needs to get his shizz together.  After last week's episode I am beside myself with wanting certain things to happen to certain people and by certain people and so help  me God it better happen the way I want it to!  I keep asking myself over and over again "how is George R R Martin not the target of assignation on a daily basis?"  He HAS to be one of the most hated men of all time LOL!  Poor George double R Martin.

My mani today is a tribute to the kick ass dragon Drogon from Game Of Thrones.  We all know no one is missed more on this show than Khal Drogo who Drogon was named after!  BRING BACK KHAL DROGO!!!!
Drogon is a gorgeous black and red dragon 
I did some red holo with my Ozotic 621 and then some Messy Mansion and Bundle Monster stamping over it
I just love red and black together don't you?
I wish there were more holo polishes like Ozotic 621.  It always looks like it's glowing from within

So far Fandom has been pretty fun!  I'm heading over to check out what everyone else did today


  1. Can't say much about Game of Thrones but Ozotic 621 is to die for. Awesome manicure, Laurie!

  2. Ooohhhh Ozotic 621, one of my favourite polishes EVER!! Gawd this is GORGEOUS! But I question your taste in characters Laurie. Ramsay Bolton...really?!

  3. Amazing Drogon! I love the series! I agree, really Bolton??? That man is sick! ;D

  4. Gorgeous mani! I love GoT, but I'm one of those people who've watched this season constantly saying "That's not how it's supposed to happen" ... although, I'm still really enjoying this season. Ramsay Bolton gives me the creeps ... in the books and the show!

  5. such a cool mani - Today I am going to the Jurassic world premiere and I was looking for some inspiration - thank you :)

  6. It's a beautiful mani but I'm surprised you didn't manage to get dear ol' Jason on your nails as well.

  7. This base polish is absolutely stunning.

  8. This is amazingly Dragon scales! Just glowy and awesomesauseness!

  9. LOVE!!! It's nice to see a dragon scale mani with red. And I'm over here LOLing at your rants about the show.