Sunday, December 22, 2013


Hi Everyone!! Happy Sunday!!! We have a lot of snow here today and it's still coming done.  We are under snow watch until 6 pm tonight and it's about 10 am right now.  I got to sleep in today!  No work for me! Woot!  I am pretty happy to be able to just rest and relax today.  Thankfully almost all my Christmas shopping is done, I only need to pick up a couple of things from Barnes & Noble and then wrap aka put into gift bags because I can't wrap for shizz!

I sat down last night and did a manicure in preparation for the big snow fall today and thankfully I was not disappointed in either--the snowfall nor the mani!

 Look how sparkling it is!!!
I used a base of Zoya Twila over Orly Sweet Peacock
I've had Twila for well over a year and never even tried it!  UG!  I really need to make my New Year's Resolution I will wear all nail polishes I bought in 2013 and haven't worn yet!  Maybe by the end of the year I'll get caught up LOL!
I stamped using both BM323 and Bunny Nails HD-F so really just a simple mani!

And here's some pics of the snow!
This is the scene across the street.  They haven't even plowed yet!
Here's the back yard
and here's my little car!  Buried!  Not too bad yet though we'll see how it looks in a few hours LOL!
I hope where ever you are you are safe!  Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Wow, that is major snow! Stay safe. Lovely digits :)

  2. Thanks Dema!!!! So far so good all snuggled inside for the day!

  3. Love your snowy manicure! I wish we'd have snow this year but nada. Everything's green :( Hope you don't have to go out anymore until Christmas is over.