Monday, December 2, 2013

Japanese tree top

Hi Everyone!  This week a few of us got together to focus on a Japanese theme.  When I first saw the theme I was like--Japanese?!  I don't know how to do anything Japanese.  But after spending a few minutes online I realized OMG I have a ton of stuff that I can use and do for a Japanese theme!  I hauled out my MoYou Suki01 plate and did what I think of as a Japanese tree top scene
I hauled out my tried and true pink gradient colors Zoya Shelby and Reagan and did a little gradient first
And then did some simple black and white stamping.  Isn't the owl on the Suki 01 plate just adorable?!!

And we're off! Whew!  Day one done and it's pretty darn cute!

Here's what everyone else did!!


  1. Such a pretty mani!! I love the color combo!

  2. this is just fabulous - I don't know where you get your awesome ideas from x

  3. So adorable! And I totaly love these colors that you chose!

  4. gorgeous pink gradient!! i love those colours! my most used zoyas i think!