Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Don't koi with me

Hi Everyone!  Hope you're having a great day so far.  My new camera came yesterday!  I got home late and it was sitting waiting for me.  I'll have to wait until this weekend to check it out and try it out but pretty exciting news!

I've got a Japanese koi mani to show you today that turned out pretty good.  I had some help with Messy Mansion MM20 plate.
I started with a base of Zoya Thandie and then did a saran wrap mani by putting OPI Take The Stage over it, then I dabbed white on with saran wrap to get the koi look.
I turned my plate image sideways when I stamped to give my fish their scales
It's a bit more sparkly in real life but maybe the new camera will fix these issues next time they happen LOL!
I'm not sure how great this looks with my skin tone but it definitely looks fishy LOL!

Check out what everyone else did for today


  1. I know that the colors are definitely those of Koi and I know that this is what you aimed - and actually succeeded! But I can't stop thinking of dragons when I look at this mani.
    Maybe just because I adore Dragons so much...
    But anyway - I totally LOOOOVE this!!!

  2. this is amazing! the colours are gorgeous!

  3. Oh, this is fantastic! Love the colors!