Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Square girl living in the circle world!

Hi Everyone!  I have a super quick and easy mani for you today.  There was a girl at work who had never heard of magnetic nail polish before.  I was shocked!  You know me and magnetic polishes!  All 20 or so of them!  I brought a few into work to show her how they work.  She was really amazed.  She could believe how easy nail art can actually be, especially when you're using a magnetic polish!

I bought the latest China Glaze magnet on clearance last month so I played around with it
I still love my Nabi magnetics best even if they smell the worst!
I love magnetics but having really curved nails they don't always love me
I tried to redo the tip of my pinkie and it just turned out wonky lol!

But that's not as bad and the tri split I attempted on thumbie!
OMG what is this?? Mutant magnetic?

Blue is a bizatch to clean up but a blue magnetic is even worse!  I had to do dishes twice to get this all the way off my skin lol!

I'm still loving magnetic polish--how about all of you?

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