Thursday, April 18, 2013

Light It Up Blue--Autism Awareness Mani--A skittle, a skattle

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to sneak in a post another blue mani for Autism Awareness Month.  Blue is one of my "problem" colors in that the problem is I HAVE to have every blue!  I wanted to throw something cuteish together for this mani because I'm always so serious it seems.  Those of you who know me know I don't really "do" cute LOL!  I hauled out one of my favorite blue cremes--perfect for Spring or Summer--OPI's Just Groovy
I just love the bright blue creme that is OPI Just Groovy!!
I keep saying I need to skittle more so I skittled up some color AND some stamping!
AAAAAAAND I dotted!!!! I hardly ever dot!
I used OPI Kiss Me On Tulips on my pinkie and the grey on the index is Sally Hansen Wet Cement
 I used my DRK-C for the stamping! 

I often wonder what it feels like to the person with autism--is the world just a big giant circus going round and round?  A circus is filled with fun and exciting things acrobats and clowns, but it's also full of scary and dangerous things--fire eaters and man eating lions!  And I'm sure the autistic person as well as those who love him or her feel like life is one giant merry go round.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. So pretty!! How does just groovy compare to OPI Ogre the top blue?? If you know...they look similar.

  2. Wow, look at that blue!!! The blue, pink, gray and white are wonderful together!