Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet The Chins!

Hi Everyone!  For my last mani of the month I'm hauling out all the cuteness I can muster.  My Animal Guardian Mani today is--chinchilla!  I have 10 very cute, very furry and very lovable chinchillas.  Do I think I have too many--NO

The everyday average Joe probably doesn't have 10 chinchillas, but I can also tell you there are everyday average Joe's with a lot more!  Mine are pets.  I don't really care about their fur quality (although their fur health is important to me).  I don't care if they are large or small, and I don't breed them.

They bring me a great deal of joy just by being their naturally cute self and while babies are quite cute, there are ALOT of things that can wrong in breeding.  I just don't want to (ever) open up that can or worms.

I have several colors--beige, light tan, white mosiac, pink white, violet, ebony and standard.  I have 6 girls and 4 boys.  My girls have cagemates and live together in peaceful harmony--my boys fight with each other so separate cages for each of them.

All of them live in the bedroom with me.  Yep every single one of them.  I have 2 enormous cages that each have 3 separate units and I have a small cage for one boy with special needs.  My special needs boy, Herman, was born with only one complete limb.  He only has one whole back leg.  Yep that's right, he doesn't have paws and he's missing the foot on his other back limb.  Despite all the odds stacked against him,  Herman is a happy and healthy chinchilla.  He can run and hop but we worry about him jumping and breaking the only good limb he has therefore he's in a small cage.

My mani today is the best chinchilla I could get on a finger--I think we all know when it comes to freehand I just don't have the skills!
The first Essie I ever bought--can you guess the name?
Not really a standard chinchilla color but it will do!
Chinchillas have LOTS of whiskers, I just couldn't fit in on my little guy!

Now what you really want to see--my chinchilla crew!

Bobo is my first chinchilla.  I was told she was a boy hence the name LOL!  Because they told me she was a boy she was put in with a boy I had--Gordon before I learned all about being a good chinchilla owner--Bobo had a daughter GiGi.  
Sadly Gordon was injured in a recliner--again when I didn't know about being a good chinchilla owner, and he had to be put down. GiGi stands for Gordon's Girl and she looks an awful lot like her daddy.
Abigail is the next girlie I got 
I lovingly refer to her as my "charlie brown Christmas tree" chinchilla because she has bad everything lol!  She had some bad teeth for a while but those are fine now, she's missing some toes and she has really awful fur for the chinchilla world, BUT she's my adorable girl and I love her!

Abigail lives with Solange, who we refer to as Princess Solange.  She is the total opposite of Abigail--she has stunning fur and is quite gorgeous, albeit very shy
Here's on of my favorite pics of the girls together sleeping in their hammock!
Now those are some cute nose's!

The next girlie I got is Bronwyn.  She is a white mosiac--a very lovely girl
But check out that pic on the bottom!  She loves to sleep like this in her tube LOL!  Bronwyn is a cage mate with Baby Lisa.

Baby Lisa isn't a baby.  She is named after my beautiful sister, Lisa, who died from breast cancer in 2009.  Baby Lisa was born on the 4th of July and was given to me by a dear friend on mine who knew I wanted a pink white girl to name after Lisa.  My sister Lisa saw baby pictures of her before she died on July 15th.  The day I brought Baby Lisa chin home to live with us was on my sister Lisa's, birthday
She is a fat rollie pollie girl who HATES taking her dust bath!  Oh my goodness she is so haggy looking most of the time lol!

I swore I was going to ever have boys again after Gordon.  But I knew someone looking for a home for their chinchilla, Lenny.  Her daughter became severely allergic to him.  I had no intentions of getting him as I had just purchased Solange.  But when I found out they were feeding him mini marshmallows and popcorn as a treat I drove right out there and picked him up.  He's the oldest chinchilla I have--he's an old man at the ripe age of 13
Leonard is by far the goofiest guy we have!  He loves to sleep in all sorts of weird ways, especially loves his fishbowl in the summer!
My other 2 boys I actually got together, Mick St John--yes named after the TV Vampire Private Detective--you know back when Moonlight was on and was SO cool but stupid CBS cancelled it BEFORE the vampire craze took off!  And Wesley.  They were born just a month apart and the lived together in harmony for about a year.  But then they started fighting and had to be separated.

Mick St. John can be a real handful sometimes!!!!
While Wesley is the complete opposite and real sweetheart.  

Here they are in better times, when they got along LOL!

Last but not least is my sweet boy Herman.  His smaller cage has a couple of shelves for him to jump on and he loves to sleep in a fleece tube like everyone else.  He doesn't have a wheel, nor does he have a hammock
You should be able to see his lack of appendages in some of these pics.  It doesn't matter though, he's the same as all my chinchillas, nothing stops him from getting around!

This is a shot of the tower o chins in my room.  They fit in there just fine
So that's it!  That's all my chinchilla crew! I love them and they give us a lot of enjoyment!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Oh my goshhh! How friggen cute!

  2. OMG!! Cuteness overload!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    I totally love your mani but the real chins are just... aahhhhhhh!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!
    Give em all kisses for me tonight!

  3. OMG So cute!!! How funny - when I was like, I dunno, 8? I had a pet mouse and it was named Bobo.

  4. i stinkin love you and all your chins

  5. Gorgeous mani and wow - what adorable little creatures!!! :)