Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meet Roscoe!

Hi Everyone!  In keeping with my Prevention of Cruelty To Animals week I thought I'd give you the chance to meet Roscoe!  He's the baby kitty we got for Baxter but sadly only had him a couple of months before Baxter had to be put to sleep.  The second I saw Roscoe I fell in love with him.  I have long believed orange boy cats are the nicest cats on the planet.  I feel I should know as I am now on my 4th orange boy cat and yes every single one of them has been the sweetest cat.  I was lucky enough to get both of my current boys from my fab friend Schlee from work.  

These are the first pictures I saw of him, the minute she showed me the pics I knew I was going to bring him home!
He's SO tiny!
In fact he was so tiny we called him Teeny Baby most of the time LOL.  He grabbed a hold of hearts right from the start!

That was one of his first nights here--SO adorable!
He's always loved the couch--well as soon as he could get up there that is
Almost falling off there but then he figured out how to lay like this!
Ah!!! much better!  We were worried he'd lose his "floof" but nope!  Check out this tail!!
So I HAD to try a Roscoe mani to go with my Rufus mani
I tried for an orange striped tiger mani
But the truth is just because you call them an "orange" striped cat doesn't mean they are lol!
My heart hurt alot when I lost Baxter.  I was so glad God sent me to Roscoe because he helped heal it.  And I know Baxter wanted me to be happy and share my heart again.  On the first night I had to sleep without Baxter, who ALWAYS slept on my pillow next to me, my son took this picture of Roscoe 
This is where my Baxtie used to lay.  I miss him but am so glad to have Roscoe aka Teeny Baby in my life!

Keep watching for more Animal Guardian Ribbon manis!  I still have the chinchillas to do!!!


  1. Hello Roscoe!!!
    What an adorable kitty. I love the couch pics. OK, have found your site this past week and spent way too much times checking out all your past designs. I am addicted.
    I love them all. I just got into stamping about 6 months ago and love it.

    Thanks for a great blog and great posts. Today's post made me smile. I have two rescue dogs and couldn't live without them. I had a rescue dog, Dixie for 11 years and she passed away 3 years ago and I still miss her so much. But I think she would be proud of the mutts I have now :)
    Keep the great posts coming.

    1. Bre that's so much!! I'm glad you're addicted! If you're on facebook make sure you look for the group Adventures In Stamping!! It's a great group and you'll learn alot!!

  2. Oh my gosh! He is so cute, I could die!

  3. Roscoe is such an amazing cutie pie! And I think your mani is a wonderful tribute to him ;-)

    1. Thanks my sweet friend Jin!! He is pretty adorable which is good because he can be SO naughty!

  4. Looks like there is some Maine Coon kitty in Roscoe's background with those feet, ears and that tail. He's beautiful! Maine Coon adds a whole new dimension to kitty addiction, lol. We got out first mix 6 years ago, I think that's all we will every have from now on. Unfortunately, there are a ton of mixes needing rescue. We got our second one from the shelter 2 years ago. He'd been badly abused, tossed out clawless to survive on his own, and was nearly hairless due to stress and a flea allergy, but the DH spotted those feet, ears and tail and he was suddenly the only kitty there. He's all better now. Hairy, fluffy, flea free and his claws grew back! It's time for us to go find a little girl kitty. I so miss my 17 yr old Queen of Quite A Lot, who passed away in October.

    1. Sandi I got both my boys from a farm and I wish I could have taken them all! When the weather is bad outside I'm so thankful I took these two boys in to give them better food, good shelter and a loving home.

  5. OMG he's adorable! He just stole my heart too!!! ♥

  6. Laurie...your are killing me! I was tearing up at the end of your post! I also had to put down the best cat on the planet a few months after getting him a kitten friend and it killed me too! Oh the pain in your heart...I know it too well.

    Roscoe is super adorable and it looks like you have a Maine Coon kitty on your hands. I took in a stray gray Main Coon kitty who was a super sweet, lover boy. He drooled on me when he was happily getting attention. Thankfully he was a small boy. Maine Coons are a huge breed.

    And for course your mani is spot on Purrr-fection as usual! Thanks your awesome blog and amazing posts. I am enjoying them very much! ^..^