Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The queen who reigns supreme!

Hi Everyone!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas spent with family and loved ones.  Despite it being a difficult time without my dad I did have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family.  Yesterday the majority of us trekked off to see the Jack Reacher movie.  When I got to the theatre I could not believe how busy it was! OMG the entire parking lot was full and I had to park in Siberia like a bazillion miles away!  Several movies were sold out, Les Miserables, The Hobbitt and Django--Django??? What the french? Who wants to see all that violence on Christmas Day?  Well no matter because Jack Reacher wasn't sold out.  I made sure to let the man selling tickets know I felt his pain over his busy day.  Once you work non stamp for more than 30 days you feel a kindred spirit with everyone who is working their socks off!

Of course Reacher was pretty darn full so we had to sit on the first level and crane our heads back to see lol!  It gave me flashbacks of Mel Gibson's Ransom when we thought we had plenty of time to go out to eat first and had to sit in the very front row because we were late!  

The movie was FANTASTIC!  I know many people were again Tom Cruise for the part but he nailed it!  My dad really wanted to see this movie so I was sad he missed it he would have loved it!

Okay on to the nails.  A couple of days ago my friend Jen of Jen's Wonderland posted a picture on Sally Hansen Save the Date.  I could not believe how gorgeous it was on her.  I felt like I had a color similar to it though and it turns out one of the Jessica Paint Cans I have is pretty similar to it, but I found myself at Walgreen's buying napkins and garbage and suddenly Save The Date found it's way to my basket LOL!

It is stunning!  As you know I am in love with the Sally Hansen prisms so it's no surprise she is still knocking out some fabulous polish.  I have a lot of things in store for Save The Date but the first thing I wanted to try with it was a gradient.  I hauled out a super old Mary Kay polish I got from my friend Heather eons ago, Essie Big Spender and went to work on a gradient

This is a really lovely gradient.  I stamped over it with China Glaze Awaken
I don't know about you but I really think it was much better on it's own without any stamping!
I think maybe the grey in Awaken wasn't the best choice.

Here is a before and after comparison

Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone!

Here's a picture of the polishes I used.  I don't know what Mary Kay was thinking back in the day with the shape of those lids!

I plan on doing a few more things with save the date--I wonder if it stamps well?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. I never go to the cinema over xmas but this year my sister moved to London so I had to save The Hobbit & Pitch Perfect to watch with her but I booked a week before & my cinema does reserved seating now so it was a breeze! I'd recommend Pitch Perfect, it's hilarious!