Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!  I'm a little early I know BUT no one does a mani for New Year's Day, you do one for New Year's Eve and it's usually all about the bling!  I'm not a huge glitter person, there I've said it.  When I first started this "obsession" I bought A LOT of glitters.  Come to find out I'm not a huge fan of them lol!  It's hard to stamp over glitters, especially the big chunky ones.  We all know I almost always stamp which is why I don't wear a lot of chunky glitters.

When the China Glaze Prismatics came out I passed on them because I heard they were pretty gritty.  My sweet friend Marissa got me the WetnWild Coloricon dupes for them though and I'm SO glad she did!  These are really pretty glitters!  Duochrome pigment with tiny sparkly glitter, easy to stamp over it's a win win!

I used the Coloricon's before to do my abalone shell mani so I decided to try them again for a New Year's Eve mani.  After spending the day yesterday trying to figure out what I would wear for New Year's and this was the last one I did and the one I loved the most!

Basically I "blobbed" all five of the WetnWild Coloricons on each nail.  It was really hard to get a good picture of this because I don't have a high tec camera, but here's a shot of it without stamping

I stamped over it using my new Gals set I got for Christmas and Cheeky

The Champagne Bottle and flutes are from CH09 and the Bubbles/Circles are from GA26
I put the bottle image on my thumb too but didn't take a pic with my thumb showing LOL!

Here's a pic in the shade so you can see the glitter when it's subdued

I'm pretty happy with this mani!!!

A few of my friends thought it would be great to do a mani for New Year's Eve as well be sure to check them out!  Happy New Year to you all!!!!!


  1. I think I need to look into those Coloricons soon! They really look great!! I also am not a big fan of the big chunky glitter, unless there's something special about it, but I do love this bling so much!

  2. I love the prismatics (and their dupes)! Great manicure!