Sunday, December 9, 2012

Going for the gold!

Hi Everyone!  Today's theme for the Adventures In Stamping challenge is gold-either as a base or stamping with it.  I'm still on my matte kick and my "wifey" Lori went out of her way to get me the Pure Ice's I didn't have yet and Crushed was one of them.  Holy Hannah this is one gorgeous color!  I keep saying how can a $2 polish be this lovely??  Because my nails are long right now the 1st Bundle Monster set is challenging for me.  I like the full nail images on it but they just don't fit.  I got creative with BM21 though

I stamped just the tips with a design from BM21 and then used my black striping polish.  I thought about using my black shatter with it somehow BUT it's pretty dried up.  Time for some thinner for my beloved Shatter.

I remember when mattes first came out and I thought, "what a dumb idea"  and that was ages ago--YEARS ago, and here I am finally on the bandwagon.  Who knows maybe years from now I'll finally like jellies and glitter sandwiches too LOL!

I learned the hard way with mattes and stamping you have to put a clear coat on first THEN the matte.  If you try to do a matte topcoat over your stamped image it will smear.

This is how the design looked all shined up with Seche Vite

Still lovely, BUT there is just something about the matte I loved more.

How about you?  Which do you prefer?

I'm only working 6 hours today instead of 12 woot!!! AND my sweet, sweet, sweet friend Kara sent me a surprise package yesterday.  I had wanted to buy a lot of the James Bond's but my assignment ended where I had been working much earlier than anticipated so I just couldn't justify spending that much on myself when I didn't know if/when I would be working again.  I had planned on snagging a few with all this overtime I'm working but low and behold a package with To Live And Let Die (my favorite Bond movie), Casino Royale, and Tomorrow Never Dies was in mailbox yesterday.  A lovely "surprise, I hope these put a smile on your face" note was instead too.  Kara is just the sweetest!  I definitely plan on playing with them for sure!!!

The Packers play tonight and we're trying to decide if we're doing sloppy joes or garlic chicken.  Right now it's a toss up.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  We got that really wet snow last night and none of it stuck, hopefully there is more on the way and will be around for Christmas.