Monday, March 14, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Spring--Daylight Savings Time!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday! UG but is it??? Daylight savings time hit yesterday and since it's March we are "springing ahead" aka losing an entire freaking hour of sleep!  Back in the day when I used to work 3rd shift I was totally prepared for this to happen.  I used to work on getting up 15 minutes earlier every day for a week so that by the time it finally hit I was ready.  This week I totally failed.   TOTALLY FAILED.  I'm pretty sure there will be no makeup or eyebrows on today since I have to be up at what is really 4am instead of 5am for work.  

Dear coworkers I am so sorry for my lack of eyebrows

Screwed Over by Daylight Savings Time

But this day also starts the Digital-Dozen week and we are doing Spring so something good is coming out of this for sure lol!

Here's my Daylight Savings Mani to celebrate (defefinitely said with sarcasm) the occasion
I used Darling Diva's We Are The Champions for my base and then sponged on some black tips.

We Are The Champions is a lovely holo duochrome.  It might not be very Spring looking but it looks cool with this mani!
Okay this pic of it is pretty cool!
I stamped with Bundle Monster and Pueen normally too short for my nails but perfect to use when you put on a color tip!

Here's the shift in the duochrome
Gold to silver really looks cool!

We were all trying to come up with something other than flowers for Spring.  Let's see how we did!


  1. Wow! This manicure is amazing! And I hope your workmates can forgive you ;)

  2. Totally original spring manicure -- I absolutely adore it! You are in a class of your own, my dear!

  3. Dang, these are absolutely stunning! Who cares about eyebrows when you have that awesomeness on your nails? :P