Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Summer--Summer Night's Sky!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday!  UG sorry I am way late with my Friday post :(  Work has just been brutal and I had no time to do my nails on Thursday night because I was doing my friend Kate's nails for her and her husband's trip to Disney.  And honestly some things are more important than your nails--like those nails of your friends getting to go on their honeymoon to Disney!

So all that being said man this one was a tough one!  I REALLY wanted to do fireflies but my first attempt was ABYSMAL.  So I took to the internet found this GORGEOUS picture on deviantART by uncubitodehielo88 and freaking fell in love!!  So I tried to recreate it and I really love how it turned out even though it's more a summer night's sky than it is fireflies when it's on my nails.

Here's a pic of uncubitdehielo88's firefly mani
This is a stunning picture that totally say fireflies to me!

Here's my nails which really say galaxy or night sky LOL!
I really love them though, and I got to use one of my first frankens ever my Starry Night dupe--Natural Law.
I used my Mash 63 plate for the celtic look
This mani even says Doctor Who to me a little bit!

I spent many many years camping with my family and there is nothing more beautiful than the summer's night sky especially when you're viewing it during a camp fire!

Since I'm off today with no plans to do a thing I'm going to get caught up with everyone's posts from yesterday!!