Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Summer--Bubbles!

Hi Everyone!!! Hope you're all having a great week.  We are crazy busy at work right now and sometimes I feel like I might sink if I don't keep moving so I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming weekend!  No plans at all for this week so I might luck out and get to laze around and read.

Today, in the middle of August, we are expected to get a high of 68 degrees.  IN THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST!   It's really hard to think summer for this week's theme when we really haven't had summer here!  I did manage to do this super cute mani though with one of my new Sugar Bubbles plates 
This is my new Sugar Bubbles SB 025 plate--how cute is this??!
I spent many a day in my youth as well as days in my son's youth blowing bubbles on a warm summer day and chasing after them!

Once again I have been completely blown away but the awesome job my fellow companions are doing in this week's Summer theme!   I feel so honored to be among such a group of talented ladies!  


  1. this is so sweet! love the look :)

  2. I LOVE bubbles - always makes me feel like a child again x

  3. Great idea to add glitter to the bubbles!

    We've been having very cold temps's fall is here already :(

  4. I was just blowing bubbles outside with my son, it's his favorite activity as of late! Great job :)

  5. Love Love Love! You have so many awesome plates - I'm totes jelly. Lol :)

  6. Beautiful! Bubbles were such a part of my childhood :)

  7. Love love love! The glitter in the bubbles add so much whimsy to the mani! And your stamping is perfection!