Sunday, August 31, 2014

OK from the UK!

Hi Everyone!! Happy weekend!  It's a gorgeous day out here today in Wisconsin!  The sun is shining.  I have the day off AND I have Jill Shalvis' new Lucky Harbor book to read--you cannot ask for me.

Okay you can but still LOL!

Because of the magic of Facebook I have been able to meet some really cool people I would never have the chance to meet in person.  Say what you want about social media but Facebook really has been bringing people together for years now.  One of these people is my friend Sally.  She is a laugh a minute, ALWAYS makes me smile AND she has access to Nails Inc!  Yes I know I can take myself right down to Sephora or Ulta and check them out but nothing is better than nail polish from abroad!

I recently got some beautiful lovelies from my sweet Sally.  Nails Inc Elm Park Road being one of those lovelies.  It's STUNNING!  It's hard to describe!  It's a deep purple with micro glitters than can flash from green to gold depending on the light
I wore this all day on Friday with no stamping over it!  I stared at my fingers all day at work LOL!  Good lord it's heavenly

So yesterday I decided to stamp over it but it took me hours because I really just loved it so much!
I stamped using my new Avon Gold Metallic too! OH MY GOD I love the new Avon Metallics!!!!  I am so glad I snagged 6 bottles of the gold!
I used DRK B image for my stamping.  It's one of my favorite images and I felt it would just look great with this color.  I was right!

I hope you all have a wonderful day.  If you're in the States I hope you are enjoying our Labor Day Weekend.  Please be safe!

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  1. wow - it's very rare you love a polish enough NOT to stamp over it. Looks gorgeous on you too x