Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Halloween Skittles

Hi Everyone!  Since I've been enjoying the low carb high fat life these days  there will be no real Skittles for me on Halloween so I had to make do with a cute Halloween skittles mani instead.  I have to say this mani I did is way cuter than skittles taste  LOL

I used about a zillion plates for this LOL.  I know some people are very skilled with hand dotting but I am definitely not one of those people

I thought  about adding this super cute spider image I have then decided against it at the  last minute
But then I thought of another idea I have to use the cute spider image so please stand by for that one!

So living the low carb life means no Skittles or Reese's peanut butter cups for Halloween but  living the low carb life means bacon bacon bacon and more bacon so it's definitely a fair trade

I'm down 51 lbs since starting my  low carb journey in February so I'd say I'm doing just fine without any candy

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope  you all have a fantastic day!


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