Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Gradient--Lacey Does It!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Wednesday!!  When I look at today's mani I feel like I can hear Monty Python in the background saying "And now for something completely different"  today's mani is night and day from my spiked mani of yesterday and it's also 100% not my style.  I really wanted to do a lace manicure though especially after seeing the one Jacki from Adventures In Acetone did--Jacki is SO DANG COOL but mine just did not come up cool at all.  Nor did they come out looking like a fairy tale wedding dream which is what I was picturing when I did them.  Instead they are just meh, and pretty colorless and boring.

I'm pretty sure I am just WAY TOO PALE for this look
Or my nails might be too long to pull off this look
I did a subtle gradient with OPI Bubble Bath and Alpine Snow and then stamped over it with Girly Bits White Wedding and Marianne n68 which is a lovely all lace image plate
I showed this to my niece Alex who is getting married next year and told her I wasn't a huge fan of it but to keep it in the back of her head for a wedding mani and bless her heart she said she thought it needed some sparkle!  Girl after my own heart LOL
Alas this did not stay on long enough for any added sparkle hopefully I'll remember it when I do the nails for the wedding LOL

This week has still been pretty amazing. My partners in crime have been doing an AHmazing job as always.  That dang Copycat Claws is KILLING it.  I wish I was her or rather that I lived next door to her so she could do my nails everyday LOLOLOL. She's Canadian though aka too cold for me ahaha.  Really though it's too cold in Canada and since I live in Wisconsin that is saying a lot.

Prepare to be wowed and check out what everyone else has done today!


  1. Move on up here Laurie! It's not as cold as we pretend. We just like our personal space so we say that, haha! Seriously it's been around 20 degrees here lately (in the 60's in your language) so it's really nice!

  2. I like how delicate this look is. The stamping image you used is really pretty!