Thursday, April 7, 2016

Better Late Than Never!

Hi Everyone!  I've been sort of slacking in posting my mani's lately UG. I will try to work harder to get that done.  I'm a pretty big procrastinator and sometimes that works to my advantage.  I bought Girly Bits Jiminy Christmas several months ago with the sole purpose of using it in a St Patrick's Day mani but then I never used it!  UG it is SO gorgeous too.  A really pretty bright kelly green micro holo glitter. It would have been awesome for St Patrick's Day LOL.  Well St Patrick's Day is long over but I hauled it out and put it on and did some really simple stamping with Marianne's XXL3 and Mundo de Unas Avocado

Taking pics inside without the sun doesn't really do this cool polish justice
Isn't the name adorable????? I love it!
This could almost be a dragon mani!
I think out of all the Mundos Avocado is my favorite.  It's such a cool green.  Plus who doesn't love avocados???
I love finishes like these, I'm all about the sparkle!
I loved this mani so much I even thought about wearing it a couple more days but we are going to the Shedd Aquarium on Saturday so I had to do some kind of under water scene LOL.

What do you think?  Isn't amazing how simple stamping can be so cool sometimes??

That's for stopping by!! Hope you all have a great day!

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