Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does The Digit-al Dozen--Day 4!

Hi Everyone!  Oh my gosh this week has just been so much dang fun!  Everyday I can't wait to see who's done what and who copied who, it's just a great way for me to start my day!

So the one person I was absolutely positive I would never be able to recreate is the extremely talented Wondrously Polished.  I mean come on she does every thing free hand.  EVERY SINGLE THING SHE DOES IS FREE HAND!  Have you seen her stuff?!!! It's freaking amazing.  And she lures you in like Bob Ross because you look at her stuff and you go "oooh I bet I could do that"  News Flash!!! You cannot do it.  Trust me on this.

But she actually did something during our Neon week that I could do!  I mean don't get me wrong I stamped this sucker because come on now I'm not crazy but I was able to copy this and I am pretty dang happy about it!

Besides it works out great for the end of summer for sure!!

Here's my recreation of Wondrously Polished's Tribal mani from our Neon Week!
So the bad thing about this mani is I just finished it at 11pm which means no sunlight LOL.  Unfortunately this is the best lighting I could get indoors :(
I did get to try the dry brush method for this mani and it was the first time I ever did it!  I'm a fan!  I will definitely do it again
Lindsey has a lot of hand poses but I was able to try to recreate one of them
Here's the side by side pic!
Really I'm going to be sad to see this week end!

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