Sunday, May 17, 2015

Palm Trees In Paradise

Hi Everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  I really didn't do much and that's just what I needed.  I spent the day in my pajamas on Saturday.  Yup all day long!  It was glorious!  I made a huge batch of Italian Wedding Soup and I snuggled up with the cats and a wayward chinchilla from time to time and read all day.  I finished 3 books!  It was just so nice.  I didn't have to go anywhere and this is truly how I love to spend my time--wrapped up in a good book OR a few good books.

A short while ago Kelly from Set In Lacquer made the announcement she had a lot of personal stuff going on and was just going to be too busy to keep up with her blogging.  I'm sure she'll be back from time to time to post an occasional awesome mani or two but for now she really needs to focus on some other things and that means blogging is out.  A few of us decided to get together and recreate a mani of Kelly's.  She is pretty amazing and she's a truly super nice person.  I feel honored to call her my friend.  

She has freehand skillz and we all know I do not.  So today I chose to recreate one of her cool mani's with a flair of  my own.  Kelly--while the blogging world will say goodbye to you I'm so thankful you and I are friends outside of the nail polish world.   I'm ever so grateful for that!

Here's the cool mani Kelly did with some of the Elevation Polish Hawaiian Punch Collection
Here's the tribute mani I did 
I had to use stamping because I got no freehand skillz!  Thanks Uber thanks Uber Chic 2-03 for saving the day!
Wouldn't it be great if one day Kelly and I could hang out in our own palm tree paradise??
Yeah I do think that would be great!

Many blessings to you my friend-- thanks for the many great mani's you've done you will be missed!


  1. Beautiful! What a nice tribute to Kelly. I hope we do indeed see her around from time to time!

  2. Lovely mani and a great tribute to an amazing blogger. She will be missed :(