Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Floral--That 70's Swag!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Wednesday!  I'm not going to lie to you all but this floral week is killing me.  I am really not a floral person!  I mean come on!  How many times have you seen me posting some floral mani's????? Not very often that's for sure!  I am just having a really hard time coming up with something that looks great.  I mean come on have you seen the rest of the mani's everyone is doing?  SMH . . . .

I asked my friends the other night what colors would look good with a nice bright turquoise holo and my friend Ashley spouted off hot pink, yellow and purple.  So hot pink, yellow and purple it is!
So the downside to this pretty bright 70's throwback look was it's been pouring cats and dogs out so no sunlight pic for this pretty holo from Darling Diva
This is the pretty Take Down The God Damn Freda Sign from DDP's Pageant Collection.  If you love it you can find it HERE 

It's very bright and just plain gorgeous!
My flowers are from CiCi & SiSi and I used the decal method.  I can handle the decal method when it's easy like this one!
I'm going to pop over and get insanely jealous by everyone else's stuff, come with me!


  1. This is beautiful!! Love it with the holo.

  2. Beautiful decals...they seriously POP!

  3. These are so happy! They have a very tropical summery feeling! Love them!

  4. this is stunning! Your decals are perfect and I LOVE the colors!

  5. Wow, you are killing it this week! This is stunning, just like the rest of your designs!

  6. These are so bright and pretty! You created the decals perfectly! Great job

  7. WoW! The cream over the holo is amazing! The colors in the decal are crazy bright!

  8. Oh stop, you are doing AWESOME florals!!