Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Alchemist's Lost Formulas

Hi Everyone!! Happy Sunday to you!  It's an awesome day to be a Packer fan because you don't have to worry about Packer football today!  Packers killed the Vikings on Thursday night so today is a day to sit back and relax, get some work around the house done, read a little, and just enjoy the sunny, crisp Fall day.

I recently received some polishes from Darling Diva to review.  I don't often do reviews because I'm not a swatcher and because I like to do things on my own time.  I have a lot of polishes and they don't always talk to me right away and tell me what I should be doing with them.  When I got DDP's Witchee Collection I about peed my pants.  First of all these are ALL colors right up my alley--dark, delicious Fall Colors.  Second of all in my opinion no one does holos as good as DDP.  

Is that too bold a statement? Today a a lot of Indie makers are doing holos.  Sometimes you get to the point you've just seen too many purple holos, or too many berry holos.  You start to think they all look the same and then in end you end up not buying any because you just don't need 80 million purple holos.  

Holos are a trickey polish.  They look amazing in the sun or in the low lamp light.  But if you're like me and work for a living then you spend the majority of your day and you week indoors in a brightly lit office building and your only hope of seeing the gorgeous holo on your nails is to go into the bathroom and stare at your fingers.  And  since this is sort of creepy and weird you try not to be that person.  I need a holo that looks amazing in the sun and low light but is also a gorgeous enough color to look great when I'm sitting at my desk.  This is the exact reason why I love DDP holos so much.  Sometimes she tosses in some amazing flakies or some super beautiful micro glitter.  These being added means your DDP holo looks fantastic no matter what type of light you're in!  I LOVE THIS!

So let's talk about the one in the collection that to me is just the stand out--The Alchemist.  Why is this a stand out?  I'll tell you why.  When I first put it on I was sitting in the shade.  Actually I was playing Farm Heroes Saga when I first put this on and it was just a nice red polish.  Then I got up after not successfully beating level 320 in Farm Heroes Saga and went to my nail table to do my nail art.  I sit with my fluorescent lamp and just about died when The Alchemist came to life.  Seriously people I almost could not do my art that's how freaking gorgeous it is.  I kept staring it, it's mesmerizing--I had to keep focusing on my art!  That's a real stunner in my book!

So let's talk about this nail art shall we? The theme all this week in the Advanced Nail Stamping group was burned parchment manicure. I've seen the look before, seen it done amazingly well by Copycat Claws , and knew I wanted to try it.  The deal was totally sealed for me based on the name of The Alchemist.  Why not do a mani showing The Alchemist's Lost Formulas?

This is the stunning The Alchemist from The Witchee collection.  It's amazing!
Seriously I am not kidding!  Pictures DO NOT do this color justice!

   I can't believe how amazing it is.  And how about my burned parchment look?!  I think it turned out great except I might have gone a bit over board on the middle finger!
 It was really easy to do.  I started with 2 coats of OPI My Vampire Is Buff and then I stamped using Loreal Brownie Points and MoYou Pro 04.  Then I dabbed on some Zoya Louise a nice dark brown and following the same steps Copycat Claws highlight I sponged black in the center.  Then you just remove with acetone and a qtip.  I think matting the mani gives it that real page look.

Have you checked out The Witchee Collection from Darling Diva yet??? If not you can find them all HERE .  They are ALL stunning and must haves for this Fall/Winter season!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a great day!    


  1. Hi Laurie, I agree with your thoughts about holos! It's either 80 million of them or NONE. Hee, hee. This was a unique and pretty mani you did today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow! These are so stunning! Probably one of my favorite manis of yours ever! That color is gorgeous on you too! Love it!

  3. DDP does amazing holos for sure! Great how you've mixed up the polish with the stamping; I feel like the only stamper out there who hasn't done this technique yet lol!

  4. I really like this look, it's prefect for Halloween!

  5. I just could not love this more - what an awesome interpretation