Friday, September 12, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does 2--Double Stamping

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Friday!  Today for the last day of our special 2 year anniversary week we had a choice of things having to do with twos' cotton or sapphire.  Well I fell in love with my double stamped blue mani so I just had to try it again with red!

I hauled out OPI Skyfall from the James Bond collection and double stamped with Mundo's Old Pink and Papyrus with Pueen Buffet (yes these plates are growing on me especially for double stamping!)
This almost reminds me of a china pattern too!
As much as I'm not a fan of the colder weather I am a fan of dark vampy colors so yay Fall!
I must admit the Pueen Buffet set is starting to grow on me especially for double stamping
I'm not sure which one I like the best this one or the blue!

Let's check out what everyone else did for their last day!  Was anyone crazy enough to do cotton again????!!!!!


  1. you inspired me gonna try them in purple

  2. These stamped beautifully together!!

  3. wow, this looks great! I ought to try double stamping sometime!

  4. This is awesome...double stamping can be so amazing to look at! And you chose the perfect colors too!

  5. I love the double stamping! So pretty!

  6. Amzing!
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  7. Another fabulous double stamped mani! I've been looking at darker colours but can't make myself wear them yet!

  8. Another double stamped mani that is just stunning!

  9. you need to come here for a holiday and show me how to do this !!!