Sunday, September 7, 2014

Curses! Foiled Again!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Sunday!  I wanted to do another foil mani since the advanced group runs their themes all week instead of just for a day but man oh man oh man foils and topcoat together just plain suck!  I don't know if it's my body's chemical makeup or what but what seems to work for everyone else just does not work for me.

I hauled out my foils and used Dollar Nail Art's Fiber Optics this time which is pretty damn kick ass!

They went on pretty good.  I learned a trick from my friend Kerrie who said she always does 2 layers of foil so that's what I did here instead of trying to paint my nails a matching color.  I was able to apply my Rejuvacote without too much crackling and wrinkling.
So this all looks pretty cool but the challenge is stamping over the foils and that's where the huge fail comes in!
Once I stamped and put Seche Vite on the prismatic colors are just gone.  All Im left with is some silver.  What a bummer!
It's still cool but it's just not the same!
Oh my kingdom for a topcoat that works over foils!  I've tried the trick of using the glue over the foil and then top coating and it doesn't work for me.  While it's definitely true a slow drying top coat is better than a fast dry, I still cannot get a perfect top coat with no cracks and no dulling of the foil.

I guess I shouldn't complain to much.  We all know I change my mani everyday so I could go out with a foil without topcoat and just have the thing rub off by the end of the day LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!  Tomorrow kicks off the Digit-al Dozen week and it's going to be EPIC!  EPIC I TELL YOU!  Make sure you stop in to check out what we've all got cooked up!


  1. I just did a foil manicure and used Modge Podge!! It sealed the foils, then I top coated over that! You can check out my post at It really works!!

  2. this still looks bloody awesome tho x