Thursday, February 5, 2015

Roses in Winter

Hi Everyone!  Oh My Lanta I've been MIA for a bit!  Sorry about that but I just sort of fell off the face of the earth with no real reason lol!  It might be the crushing  Packer loss or the fact we got a freaking foot of snow this past weekend with more to come! UG!

Today I have a beautiful mani to show you that I did with FUN 13.  A few months ago the very lovely and super talented Johanne of Fab Ur Nails posted this gorgeous mani she had done using FUN 13 and some sheer tints over a holo.  I just fell in love with it so HAD to try to recreate it.  Johanne is not only a dear sweet friend she has been my inspiration for many, many beautiful mani's.

Here's my recreation of her stunning roses!
I started off with a base of China Glaze Sexagon and then used my fabulous sheer tints from Polish 10.1 to recreate this mani of Johanne's
Isn't this just a gorgeous mani?
When you leadlight with sheers you can do so many things!

This is Johanne's mani
I just love everything about it and have always loved her beautiful long nails!!!

Here's a picture of ours together
Gorgeous aren't they?

10.1 Polish has clear jelly sheers as well as some sheer holos!  They are just awesome for leadlighting!  If you'd like to check them out you can find them HERE  Kelly has a lot of great polishes and is always coming up with new things!

I'm so glad to call both Johanne and Kelly friends and thanks to both of them for their inspiration!


  1. *drooooooooooooool*
    this is actually one of the most gorgeous manis I have ever seen. And I've seen a LOT of em. Amazing work, both of ya! :)