Monday, November 24, 2014

Something A Little Different

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! Today I've got on something just a little different.  Honestly I don't know whether this mani is totally fantastic and amazing or just pretty ugly. I actually think it might be a little of both!  I wanted to do something  to celebrate the harvest and I ran across a picture of a platter or plate online and decided to try to recreate it.  Here's the image
Since I got my Born Pretty Store plates in I decided to use one of them for it.  The new  plates from Born Pretty Store are FANTASTIC!  I just love them!
I used BP-17
What do you think?  Fantastic??? or super ugly???
I honestly just don't know!  I think it might be both!

Here's everyone all together
I might just like this better as a platter than as a mani!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!