Saturday, July 12, 2014

Is there a doctor in the house?!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Saturday!  Today I have an exciting post to share.  I was recently contacted by Sara of Nyall about creating or "frankening" my own polishes.  Nayll is a company that will make up whatever you create and send it to you!  You get to pick you base, clear or colored--you can create a glitter or a shimmer and each one you make you get to name!  WOW how cool is this for someone who'd like to have a personal polish but isn't a polish maker?!

It's SUPER easy!  I went to the site, followed their easy instructions and I made 4 polishes.  Yes UBU I made this!!  The hard part is waiting for your goodies to get to you.  The whole time you're thinking, wow I hope I don't suck at creating polishes.  I did one shimmer that I just didn't know would work.  I wanted to do one to show everything Nayll has to offer but I was worried it might be lame.  It turned out gorgeous! GORGEOUS!

So this is going to pic heavy because heck yeah I stamped over all my lovelies too!  

First up the lovely Sea Mist.  I added aqua and sea blue holo squares with some aqua micro glitter and black stars.  My black stars don't show up great over the black base I chose but I'm sure over a lighter base they will be visible.

I stamped over it because stamping over glitter is one of my favorite things to do!

Messy Mansion MM29 definitely one favorite images to use for stamping over glitter

So next up is a super personal one to me--you can't live in Wisconsin and not be a Packer fan! Seriously, you CAN'T if you do then yes you need to move--LOL!  


I'm still feeling the love for my heart throb Jason Momoa and lucky for me through Nayll I could make up a Jason inspired polish!!!  I wanted something with a Hawaiian feel so there is ALOT of glitter in here. Dark purple squares, pink micro glitter and then lots of matte shapes--aqua stars, yellow dots, lavendar dots, pink squares--it's all in here!
I got so excited to use this one I didn't get shots of it without my stamping first LOL!  But can you see the name???!!! I called this one MOAR Momoa! because come on---we all need some more Jason Momoa in our lives!
This  one is a beauty isn't it?  I used another fave image to stamp over glitter MM20 as well as BM318 with my OPI Sheer Tints.  I wish my tints didn't bubble so dang much!
Here's a pic with Jason!  Oooh!!! Ahhhh!!!

So here's the one I didn't think would work.  I wanted to make a shimmer but didn't know if my plum base with fuchsia shimmer would look good.  I mean they are similar in color.  Would you even see some fuchsia shimmer in a plum base.  When I got this baby I was blown away!  I was even more elated to be able to name this Voyeur after my favorite book by Lacey Alexander!

It's actually just so lovely!  I'm really please with how this one turned out--so simple yet SO beautiful!
I miss these long nails though!  I had to cut them down after this mani :(

I did stamp over this one too but I didn't really like my stamping

So now the last one up is one already created by Nayll.  It's called Desert Lakes and is just gorgeous!  It's part of the Summer Waters collection.  I layered it over a pale icy blue and beauty was born
Desert Lakes has a lot of lovely glitters in an awesome color combo going on
pale blue, aqua, pink and bronze! So yummeh!
And look at the little white stars!!

I stamped over it using my Cheeky XL Wild At Heart plate
 Another beauty!
Sara also sent me her Smooth It Out glitter topcoat to try.  I used it with all the glitter creations I did and then topped it with my Seche Vite.  

I am a fan of this company!  I think it's awesome to be able to make your one of a kind creations!  While I was sent these polishes for review I am heading back to purchase a few bottles of my Packer Backer creation to give to friends for the football season--maybe even some for a Bears frenemy!!!

So where can you find Nyall?  You can find them online at you can find them on Facebook!  What are you waiting for?!!! Get over there and create your own!!!!

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  1. Oooh! I love them all! I so need to do this. Their site is pretty spectacular! I can never stamp over glitter that well. What white do you use?