Sunday, June 1, 2014

Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtend A Mani!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Sunday!  Another glorious day here in sunny and pleasantly warm Wisconsin!  I survived my 4k walk, my feet don't even hurt AND I get to spend some time with my friend Emily today making up some sheer polishes and leadlighting our guts out!  But before I do that I want to show you how I extended my neon gradient mani from yesterday.  I simply stamped over it!

My friend Sheila from the Pointless Cafe blog is who taught me all about extending a mani.  I'm really glad I decided to do that with this mani because I think it only added to it and now it's so gorgeous!

I love how you can still see all the colors of the gradient with this stamping!
It's still so colorful!
It drives my niece, Alex, crazy when I stamp over my neon gradients LOL!  I just think it makes them look better
How about you--do you like stamping over a gradient or just leaving it plain?
Here's a collage of the mani sans stamping
And then here's a collage with the stamping which do you like better?
It's a tough decision!

I'm excited to hang out with Emily today and even more excited to share the results of my leadlighting attempts!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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