Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Challenge--Pastels!

Hi Everyone!!  Happy weekend!  The sun is finally out here and we've had two very nice days to our weekend.  Yesterday I spent some time with my little sister and our grandnephew Sean.  We took him to a kids event they had and watched him run around and play like crazy and then I treated everyone to ice cream.  It was really nice to spend my Saturday not working for a change!

Today I'm working on some Springish cleaning.  I cleaned out our hallway closet and tossed out a bunch of stuff I never use or haven't used for a long time.  I also tossed out old makeup and reorganized my current makeup stash.  And in the process of cleaning out the closet I found a brand new never used bottle of OPI The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush. Now how's that for perfect!  It's a sweet summer pink too so it will go to good use for sure.

I also cleaned the bathroom, scrubbed the bathroom floor and cleaned the windows in the living room today and all of that was done before 9 am!  So that means I get to spend a relaxing rest of my day reading and doing my nails!

I'm also reorganizing nail plates today because I got the 2nd Wistonia set in the mail yesterday.  So much fun for a Sunday LOL!

Today's challenge for Adventures In Stamping is pastels.  I'm not really a pastel person or should I say I wasn't.  It seems like suddenly I'm in  pastels because I got a few of the pastel Kiko Cupcakes and I really like this pastel look I did for today's challenge.

I hauled out some of my Sinfuls from their Sugar Crush line last year and did a saran wrap smoosh method with Orange Cream, Cotton Candy, Sweet Nothing and Sweet Tooth.  I stamped with a plate from new Wistonia set--W204
I'm not sure why I'm so late on these Wistonia plates!  I got the 2nd set and really like them so I'm sure I'll go back and pick up the first set as well
I must admit that today was the first time I felt my smoosh saran wrap method was successful too!
The blue Sweet Tooth is probably really too dark to be called a pastel but Spring is SO hard to transition to!  How do we go from dark vampy Fall and Winter colors to pastels in the Spring?!  It seems crazy to me!
This is as pastel as I'm going to get!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!